Tuesday, December 07, 2010

[The Stupidity Defense] Sag Low

A few years ago, I wrote a couple of blogs about dealing with the stupidity of people in everyday life. In one of those blogs, I talked about when I was taking medical assisting courses and there was this woman who constantly boosted about being an RN in her native Africa but DID NOT know how to correctly use a blood pressure cuff, read a medical chart or had basic computer knowledge. I mean this woman did not know how to how to BOLD font characters in Microsoft word and this was AFTER 8 weeks of a elementary computer course. Every time she saw me, she wanted me to help her in doing this or that, while at the same time trying to get me to do her entire assignment for her. It was only after cursing her out in front of the entire class and calling her everything but a child of God did she get the message that I did not like her and was no longer going to help her. In another blog, I wrote about working with folk in retail during the holiday season and people lose their f-ing minds and act like it’s not them it’s you. I have witnessed and been involved in the craziest scenarios when I worked in some retail stores because people are either too stupid to listen or just too hard headed to understand. One of my biggest pet peeves was dealing with cell phones because many people don’t understand the correlation between a cell phone maker and cell phone service. If you come into a store asking for minutes for a Nokia phone, you will get the “You’re a Duh-Duh” expression from the associate helping since Nokia only makes cell phones and does not provide you with service. You can’t image how many arguments I got into because they thought they knew better then the facts in front of them. I guess that is probably the reason why some many people do stupid things.

On to the topic at hand, A Facebook buddy of mines posted this video that I wanted to share:

Now I have blogged about the whole sagging epidemic that has taken over the urban communities for some time now. Point blank, it’s one of the stupidest urban fashion trends out there and if a lot of these hood dudes truly understood what the sagging represents they would not be in a hurry to show the draws. However after watching this clip, I was left scratching my head as to why this man, Mario Johnson was arrested AND what he was arrested for (Indecent exposure) because nowhere in the report did anyone say he exposed his privates. JUST THE UNDERWEAR!!! And that several women costumers complained to security about this man’s idiotic fashion sense which started all of this. Now look, my first thought was: “Miss, why are you crotch watching that hard for?” Because picture it… It’s 5:30am on Black Friday and you’re looking for a deal. Are you really paying attention to what the people around you are wearing and at the same time did you ever felt compelled to get security involved? This is why I have to assume that it was either one security guard that was offended and wanted to execute (in Eric Cartman’s voice) Authoritah! The next time I see a woman in camel toe jeans, should I go to the police and have her hauled off to jail? Now he was an idiot for getting loud, but I don’t blame him. If I am standing in line minding my own business and security pulls me out of line to tell me to pull up my pants, I would lose it too, but he just went about it the wrong way. You’re not going to win when police can say you were “Out of control and in a fighting stance” in order to slap a criminal case on you.

So I have to chop this up to all around stupidity on everyone’s part. Even through stupidity is not a legal defense by no means, he is going to need a good lawyer to get this case knocked out, but let’s keep it real, who are the true morons in this case?


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