Sunday, January 04, 2009

[Lifestyles] Sexy...

Yeah, I know people believe they are the sexist thing since slice bread, but in reality they’re just like everyone else. It’s funny to me how a lot of people use different networking sites like there own personal modeling portfolio. Let’s face some home truths. Not everyone is going to be or can be on American Next Top Model. There is a bigger possibility of hitting the lotto for most people, but yet… some people are willing to post photos of themselves online with as little on as possible. When I first started to use the internet, I was puzzled about how many people out there were willing to show there bodies without getting paid for it. I was 19 and was like a kid in a candy store. I was on a whole bunch of networking websites like Blackplanet, Migente, FortuneCity, and Go to name a few, just looking at people showing it all while pandering to the camera. That was in the late 90’s and early ’00… look how far we have come today… The digital age has made everything just a click away and easy to abuse.

There is no longer a taboo line. We are a culture that aspires to be sexy or reach some sort of perfection in the eyes of others. Some websites like have users upload there own photo onto the website so strangers can rate them on how they look. What kind of narcissistic behav
ior is that? How messed is your self esteem if you need strangers to valid your looks? Maybe that’s why I am not a Myspace or Facebook fan. Yeah, I have a page on both website and my Myspace page is all fixed up, but I rarely go on because everywhere I turn you have this one and that one trying to out do each other in how much they are willing to reveal.

These days what makes a person sexy? Is it their attitude? Body image? Bank account? (I personally think an IRA or 401k as very sexy!) Before the less you showed, the sexier you appeared but, now it’s like “Here’s my PENIS! Here’s my VAGINA” bouncing at you at every angle. Here is another home truth… Everyone Online is sexy… Hell, I can tell you I am 6’5, flawless skin with a solid muscle build and have a 14 inch penis! It’s not true of course, but some people are willing to believe that just because I might throw up a photo of some one fitting that description. Amenity is one of those things that the internet is best for. You can live through the eyes of some one for a moment and never reveal your true intention. That is how so many people get caught out there, believing that this drop dead gorgeous guy or girl would ever talk to them and then they see some one completely different in front of them.

If you enjoyed the conversation, phone calls and everything else, why do you care about what a person looks like? And on the flip side… Why would any try and device others with an image of some one that is not who they are?

Is it the sign of times or a progression of things to come? Don’t get me wrong… I like seeing nude bodies just like any man. My porn collection alone on this PC is over 20GB… but there is a limit (not to the porn, but what people should reveal online). A lot of people do not think about the long run. The things we do affect us even if we don’t think it does. Employers can fire an employee if they post certain scandalous photos of themselves online during their off time. Girlfriends, who thought they were sending there boyfriend a private photo of themselves suddenly find them online for the world to see. And let’s not even talk about the celebrities that were caught out there with the nude photo and/or sex tape. Look at the girl in the photo posted to this blog. She is cute, has a nice body and smile. However for the rest of her life she will be known as the girl who didn’t flush after that happy meal! I hope she wiped through because that would be equally as nasty.

“Posting photos of yourself in your underwear, while giving a sly sexy pose online is SOOO 1999.”
Get over yourself!!!*

To me, a person is sexist when they can get into your mind, heart and soul with just their words. Perfection is not the key since no one can claim to be everyone’s ideal. Back in the day there were actors and actresses that were sexy because they knew how to work there flaws and own them as if they weren’t flaws at all. Yup… I admit it. I am beginning to understand the phrase that less is more… revealing everything at once is not sexy, but just another cheap thrill.


*Excluding any one in my contacts that have sexy photos of themselves. I got love for you… so that means don’t curse me out!!!

Saturday, January 03, 2009

[Lifestyles] I am

Who are you? When you look in the mirror what do you see? Do you only see flaws or do you see beauty? How do you define yourself as a human being? When I look at myself mirror, I can find 20 million things wrong. I have too much hair on my face, my arms and legs. I want to get rid of the blackheads on my nose. My ears are a touch too big. I need to get my teeth corrected so I don’t feel insecure and wonder if some one notices the gap on the side. I hate it when some one touches my skin because it turns bright red instantly. I would like to be shorter and have smaller feet, so can just walk into any store and get something and not have to ask if they carry pants/jeans with a 36 length and sneakers/shoes above size 14 and a half. I wish that I was a lot toner and did not have to worry about maintaining a certain weight so I don’t look too full or hungry.

But there in my eyes I see it. That spark of individuality, that no one has but me and I can’t help but to say: Damn, I’m hot!… Despite the superficial imperfection I see, I can still look at the mirror and realize that those flaws do not define me. They don’t make up my personality, my thoughts or my feelings. It’s just another aspect of me that I am aware of. I’ve been called ugly and at the same time I’ve been called handsome. There have been times where I walk into a crowded room and heads turn with people smiling at me and there have been times where I can’t get noticed if my life depended on it. In the end it doesn’t matter, if I can’t look at myself and be happy with what I see, then why bother. Too many people placed themselves into a certain category and want others to follow suit. In modeling, if you don’t look sickly skinny or have that perfect flat stomach with the 6 pack abs, then you are not considered beautiful. Men and women starve themselves, pump chemicals into their bodies and do all kinds of things to reach that goal of being just like everyone in the magazines.

When I was apart of different networking websites, like Yahoo! 360, Multiply, and Myspace, there was always this emphases on being “Official”. You must have the freshest style of clothing, hair and swagger with the banging body style in order to step into their realm of existence. Usually the ones with all the rules are the ones that are far from what they seek. If they can look at others and judge them with such high standards, what does that say about that average person? At times it makes you wonder what being “official” and beautiful really means.

While people are out there these next few weeks trying to redefine themselves so that others approve of there looks and image, I hope they stop and think if they are doing it for themselves or just letting people who really do not care about them define them. I don’t do resolutions, because I suck at them. I tell myself that I am going to stop cursing and five seconds later I am having a torrents fit. So instead of writing this long list of things I would like to change, I just tell myself to be better then I was in the previous year. Be more than what I am and do it with pride, because when I look at the mirror, I see the beauty inside and not the temporary flaws that will always change.

So who am I? I am that friend, that single voice in a crowded room who is willing to speak, that shoulder ready for the tears for those that need it. When I look in the mirror I see it all, the flaws and beauty because I know that the beauty and strength within is the only factor that matters. And finally, how do I define myself?... I am just me.

Now it’s your turn…


Friday, January 02, 2009

[Lifestyles] The New York City Subway Journey.

I hate the morning rush. It’s full of crowded trains, rude people and constant delays. I really do not understand how I used to do it when I was going to high school back in the day. I remember the time where I was rushing to school on the 3 train and as I entered the Utica Avenue train station, I was surprised how half of the express 4 train was half empty. As I rush to get a seat, the smell of feces and all other kinds of funk hit me right in the face. Man, I was faced with the dilemma of getting a sit and having to deal with smell, or going into another train car and standing all the way. So, I pretty much covered my nose as I sat on the far edge of the car. The things people have to do to get a seat, I tell you what…

As I reentered the education force, waking up at the butt crack of dawn to lugging around a bag of books everywhere, I had relearn how to deal with people. The first week of school was the worst. Every morning and afternoon there was some nut walking back and forth talking about some jargon that I didn’t want to hear. Lucky for me that I had my Mp3 player to drown out the noise, except for that one time where I had to curse this woman out! While going from point A to point B can be a nightmare in itself, some many people are just plain rude for no reason at all.

With rumor of more increases in fares, I wonder when they are going to use some of that money to make the morning journey more pleasurable.


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