Saturday, April 25, 2009

[Poetry] Father

I am being pulled from one corner of the world to the other.
My decisions are no longer my own.
My mind is scattered, broken into pieces, unfixable by human hands.
I feel like I am losing it.
An overwhelming sense of confusion clouds my mind and judgment.
Who can help me now?
Who could push me through this mindless void?
Father, Why aren't you with me showing me the way?
What have I done to warrant such wrath upon me?
I'm drowning, gasping for air, grabbing at what was my life.
Trying to express simple emotion that I once took for granted.
Father can you hear me?
Can't you see the pain and grief in my eyes?
Where is your love that you said was everlasting?
Was it an encouraging lie?
My world is closing in on itself.
Father, can't you see. . .
I'm lost without direction.
Help me, Father!
Help me, please!

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