Friday, June 05, 2009

[Poetry] The Death of Me

Crashing waves is all that is below me now.
Bare foot and naked on jagged rocks I see no future.
This is my curse and I accepted it.
I have nothing now, expect for this everlasting pain.
It torments me and leaves me on the edge of madness.
So, it has become true.
You are the death of me.
You left me cold and helpless.
Absent of my shining star.
I am just another victim of your massive chaos.
It ends now.
No more thoughts of you haunting my steps.
No longer will I see visions of your face on others.
I will go quietly into the darkness.
Return to the earth where I once was made.
It's over now.
You have won.
My love for you will die in me.
For you have become the death of me.
There is no longer anything else to say.


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