Friday, June 19, 2009

[My Life] It's Over.

There is a certain time in the morning, where the sunlight sneaks through the windows and kiss every part of your partners body so lovingly as you watch them sleep. They look so peaceful… So beautiful… It’s probably one of the few moments you really get to see them at there most natural. However, the only thought that is running through your head at that particular moment is: WHY WON’T YOU DIE!!! You may not want the person to really die per say… You just want them out of your life for the rest of eternity and beyond. There comes a point where the relationship is over, but only YOU know it. You try and calculate everyway around it, but the reality of the situation shows only one choice. It’s over. Plenty of times people just stay in relationships because they have reached some sort comfort level. I doubt any one would want to risk a sure thing for something unknown. I’ve experienced a few relationships where I mentally checked out weeks or months before it actually ended. Why? Well, honestly I didn’t want to be alone and in rationalizing the problem, I thought if I stuck it out then maybe something will change. Just maybe… But that “maybe” is a false hope. Nothing changed the end result.

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